Zootechnical and industrial ventilation

BRL 330 is our series of permanent magnet synchronous motors created specifically to meet the needs of customers in the field of zootechnical and industrial ventilation.

This series of motors has been designed in order to maximize efficiency, silence and torque density.

The BRL 330 motors can be combined with any type of drive the customer wishes to use, or they can be purchased in the version with drive integrated in the motor.

The nominal speed can vary from 150rpm to 500rpm depending on the customer's needs.

Direct drive motors for fans and air destratifiers

ACM35 - dimensioni Motore per ventilazione zootecnica ed ind
ACM35 – dimensioni Motore per ventilazione zootecnica ed industriale
TypeRated torqueABCDEF
BRL 330 / 140 Nm121 mm30 mm60 mmM2050 mm8 mm
BRL 330 / 280 Nm143 mm35 mm70 mmM2060 mm10 mm
BRL 330 / 3120 Nm165 mm35 mm70 mmM2560 mm10 mm

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